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Delve into a world of Elves and Orcs, Wizards and Enchantresses, Demons and Demi Gods, Good and Evil. Wield Mighty Arcane Powers and search the depths of time for long forgotten spells to crush your enemies.
Have you got what it takes to be the #1 Mage ? to be Lord of the Realm ? Master of all ?

Sign Up now and find out !!!

Mage Realms is currently closed. I do not know if/when it will reopen.

Mage Realms News

Free and accessible!

Mage Realms is a totally free text-based game played through your web browser with no download required. All that is necessary is an email account and access to the web through a standard browser such as Internet Explorer, and you can begin playing immediately.

Active Cheater Detection

Looking for a cheater free environment? The administration staff are proactive in cheat detection, and we pride ourselves on running a clean and fair game without cheating. Our cheat detection keeps 'multies' and the like to an absolute minimum and allows you to get on with enjoying the game.

Challenge yourself against thousands of others!

Mage Realms provides a real time hourly tick-based virtual universe where you can test yourself against thousands of other players around the world in the battle for universal domination! The game runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your planet grows, people can attack you, even wars can happen, whether you are online or not. 



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